Platform : geostationary-meteorogical-satellite-5

Geostationary Meteorogical Satellite - 5

Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency
March, 1995 to June, 2005

GMS was Japan's first national satellite program for weather and environmental observations from GEO (Geostationary Earth Orbit). It was administered in partnership by JMA (Japan Meteorological Agency) as the operator of the satellites, and by JAXA (formerly NASDA) as the spacecraft and launch service provider (originally, NASDA was also the spacecraft operator). In Japan, the GMS program was also known by the name of (sunflower). The GMS program called for one operational spacecraft in orbit on the basis of a continuous service provision for the series. The operational meteorological program series consisted of the following satellites:
Instrument Datasets
Data Collection System (JAXA) 0
Communications package on GMS 0
Visible and Infra-red Spin Scan Radiometer (GMS-5) 0

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