Platform : geostationary-operational-environmental-satellite-11

Geostationary Operational Environmental Satellite - 11

National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration
May, 2000 to December, 2011

GOES is a joint NOAA/NASA weather satellite series. NOAA is responsible for providing funding, requirements, and operation of the system in orbit. NASA, under contract from NOAA, is responsible for spacecraft procurement, design, and development of the spacecraft and its instruments, and the launch of each satellite. NOAA owns and operates the satellites and provides the services to the user community.
Instrument Datasets
Data Collection System (NOAA) 0
Communications package on GOES 0
Imager 6
Low-Rate Information Transmission 0
Space Environment Monitor 0
Search and Rescue 0
Sounder 0
Weather Facsimile 0

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