Platform : global-precipitation-measurement-mission-core-spacecraft

Global Precipitation Measurement Mission Core spacecraft

Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency, National Aeronautics and Space Administration
February, 2014 to May, 2017

GPM is a cooperative international US/Japanese Earth science mission with the prime agencies of NASA and JAXA, respectively. GPM is a follow-on and expanded mission to (Tropical Rainfall Measuring Mission), launched Nov. 27, 1997 and still in operation in late 2012 (in Oct. 2005, NASA decided to continue the TRMM mission until at least 2009 and possibly until 2012). TRMM has been demonstrating the benefits of rain measurement from space. The overall objectives of the GPM mission are to observe global precipitation more frequently and more accurately than TRMM. GPM will build on the work of TRMM and extend the science from understanding tropical rainfall to using that understanding to improve climate, weather, and hydrological forecasts on a global basis.,
Instrument Datasets
Dual-frequency Precipitation Radar 0
GPM Microwave Imager 0

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