Platform : japanese-earth-resource-satellite

Japanese Earth Resource Satellite

Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency, National Space Development Agency of Japan
February, 1992 to October, 1998

JERS-1 (nickname of Fuyo-1) is a joint NASDA/MITI/STA [National Space Development Agency (Japan)/Ministry of International Trade and Industry (Japan)/Science and Technology Agency (Japan)] radar satellite project (NASDA/STA developed the satellite (built by Mitsubishi Electric Co.); MITI sponsored the instruments). The overall objectives call for: Generation of global data sets with SAR and OPS sensors in order to survey resources; establishing an integrated Earth observation system, verifying instrument/system performances. The mission applications focus on: survey of geological phenomena, land usage (agriculture, forestry), observation of coastal regions, geologic maps, environment, disaster monitoring, etc. The spacecraft carries two closely matched Earth observation sensors: the active SAR instrument and the passive OPS multispectral imager.

Instrument Datasets
Communications package for JERS-1 0
L-band Synthetic Apature Radar 6
Optical Sensor 0

Also known as :
  • missionID 245 (ceos lexicon)
  • Mission JERS-1 (ceos lexicon)
  • resource JERS-1 (dbpedia lexicon)
  • Source JERS-1 (ornl lexicon)
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