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New Millenium Program Earth Observing-1

National Aeronautics and Space Administration
November, 2000 to September, 2015

EO-1 is a technology demonstration mission in NASA's NMP (New Millennium Program) Earth science program (a Landsat-7 follow-up) with the overall objectives to perform Landsat-like measurements and to explore new remote sensing technologies (instruments, spacecraft, ground segment) that advance and enhance capabilities [evaluation/validation of technologies and performance, intersatellite calibration (comparison of data), evaluation of lunar calibration, autonomous navigation/instrument operation, use of proven new technologies for other missions]. A number of baseline validation scenarios are defined (generation of test scenes, ground proofs in conjunction with major field campaigns, airborne underflights, tandem flights with Landsat-7, etc.) in support of the overall objectives. S/C design life = 1 year. The paradigm of “faster, better and cheaper” applies to all aspects of the mission.
Instrument Datasets
Advanced Land Imager 1
Hyperspectral Imager 2
LEISA Atmospheric Corrector 1

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