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Russian Federal Space Agency
January, 1996 to January, 1999

Priroda (“nature”) is a multisensor research module (orbital complex) for Russia's orbital Mir station (“peace”) dedicated to the observation of the environment. Major partners/organizations involved: Roskosmos (Russian Space Agency), RAS (Russian Academy of Sciences), RSC (Rocket Space Corporation) Energia, S.. P. Korolev, Moscow region - the prime contractor and developer of the Mir Station and its modules; RNII KP (Russian Institute of Space Device Engineering), IRE-RAS (Institute of Radioengineering and Electronics), NPO Planeta, etc.

Instrument Datasets
Backscatter lidar 0
Radar altimeter 0
Multispectral microwave scanner 0
Multispectral microwave scanner 0
Multispectral microwave scanner 0
Infra-red Spectrometer 0
Modular Opto-electronic Scanner 0
Multispectral medium resolution conical scanner 0
Ozon-M 0
R-400 0
Travers SAR 0
TV camera 0
Multispectral high resolution electronic scanner 0

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