Platform : radarsat-2


Canadian Space Agency, MDA Corporation
December, 2007 to April, 2015

RADARSAT-2 is a jointly-funded satellite mission of CSA (Canadian Space Agency) and MDA (MacDonald Dettwiler Associates Ltd. of Richmond, BC), representing a Canadian government/industry partnership [or PPP (Public Private Partnership)] in a commercial venture. In Feb. 1998, CSA awarded a contract to MDA to built RADARSAT-2. The contract calls for MDA to develop, own and operate RADARSAT-2 and related infrastructure (including data distribution). CSA provides a fixed financial contribution to MDA (about 75%), in exchange for imagery allocation from the S/C to government agencies. Also, ORBIMAGE, an affiliate of Orbital Sciences Corporation (OSC), Dulles, VA, is a significant participant in this program as the exclusive distributor of RADARSAT-2 imagery to U.S. customers.
Instrument Datasets
Synthetic Aperture Radar (CSA) C band 0

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