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National Commission on Space Activities
November, 2000 to August, 2013

SAC-C (Scientific Application Satellite-C) is an international cooperative Earth observation mission of Argentina, USA, Denmark, Brazil, Italy and France with CONAE (Comisión Nacional de Actividades Espaciales) of Buenos Aires (CONAE is the Space Agency of Argentina) and NASA as the main partners. CONAE provided the S/C bus and payload instrumentation, NASA provided launch services and two instruments, a GPS flight receiver (GOLPE) and SHM (Scalar Helium Magnetometer) part of the Ørsted-2 instrument. Denmark is contributing with the MMP (Magnetic Mapping Payload) that is a heritage from the Ørsted satellite, called Ørsted-2. INPE of Brazil is providing the system-level environmental testing facilities and its test support capabilities. Italy provided part of the solar panels and two technological experiments for orbit and attitude determination, IST and INES. The overall objective is to study the structure and dynamics of the Earth's surface, atmosphere, ionosphere and geomagnetic field. Specific science objectives are to:
Instrument Datasets
Data Collection System 0
GPS Occultation and Passive reflection Experiment 0
High Resolution Panchromatic Camera 0
High Sensitivity Technological Camera 0
Influence of Space Radiation on Advanced Components 0
Italian Navigation Experiment 0
Italian Star Tracker 0
Magnetic Mapping Payload 0
Multispectral Medium Resolution Scanner 0
Whale Tracker Experiment 0

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