reference : Solutions for a Cultivated Planet

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reftype Journal Article
Accession Number 21993620
Author Foley, J. A.; Ramankutty, N.; Brauman, K. A.; Cassidy, E. S.; Gerber, J. S.; Johnston, M.; Mueller, N. D.; O'Connell, C.; Ray, D. K.; West, P. C.; Balzer, C.; Bennett, E. M.; Carpenter, S. R.; Hill, J.; Monfreda, C.; Polasky, S.; Rockstrom, J.; Sheehan, J.; Siebert, S.; Tilman, D.; Zaks, D. P.
Author Address Institute on the Environment (IonE), University of Minnesota, 1954 Buford Avenue, Saint Paul, Minnesota 55108, USA.
DOI 10.1038/nature10452
Date Oct 12
ISSN 1476-4687 (Electronic) 0028-0836 (Linking)
Issue 7369
Journal Nature
Keywords *Agriculture; *Conservation of Natural Resources; Diet; Environment; *Food Supply; Humans; Models, Theoretical
Pages 337-42
Title Solutions for a Cultivated Planet
Volume 478
Year 2011
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_uuid 01744813-1b92-40d3-a3f9-4b134acbd542