reference : Sea level rise and its coastal impacts

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reftype Journal Article
Author Cazenave, Anny; Cozannet, Gonéri Le
DOI 10.1002/2013EF000188
ISSN 2328-4277
Issue 2
Journal Earth's Future
Keywords Ocean warming; land ice melt; sea level rise; regional variability; coastal impacts; shoreline erosion; 1641 Sea level change; 1630 Impacts of global change; 1807 Climate impacts; 4217 Coastal processes; 4556 Sea level: variations and mean
Pages 15-34
Publisher Wiley Periodicals, Inc.
Title Sea level rise and its coastal impacts
Volume 2
Year 2014
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_record_number 25061
_uuid 0356feb8-19bb-4d02-bfc9-ce2686634a0f