reference : US agriculture and climate change: New results

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Author Reilly, J. Tubiello, F. McCarl, B. Abler, D. Darwin, R. Fuglie, K. Hollinger, S. Izaurralde, C. Jagtap, S. Jones, J. Mearns, L. Ojima, D. Paul, E. Paustian, K. Riha, S. Rosenberg, N. Rosenzweig, C.
DOI 10.1023/A:1022103315424
ISSN 0165-0009
Issue 1-2
Journal Climatic Change
Pages 43-67
Title US agriculture and climate change: New results
Volume 57
Year 2003
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_chapter ["Ch. 6: Agriculture FINAL"]
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_uuid 16cd5dc7-4cee-46a2-9c2d-022d59905b1f