reference : Benefits and beneficiaries of the Oklahoma Mesonet: A multisectoral ripple effect analysis

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Abstract Since the Oklahoma Mesonet (the state’s automated mesoscale weather station network) was established in 1994, it has served a number of diverse groups and provided public services to foster weather preparedness, education, and public safety, while also supporting decision-making in agricultural production and wildland fire management.With 121 monitoring stations across the state, the Oklahoma Mesonet has developed an array of technologies to observe a variety of atmospheric and soil variables in 5- to 30-min intervals. These consistent observations have been especially critical for predicting and preparing for extreme weather events like droughts, floods, ice storms, and severe convective storms as well as for development of value-added tools. The tools, outreach programs, and mesoscale data have been widely utilized by the general public, state decision-makers, public safety officials, K–12 community, agricultural sector, and researchers, thus generating wide societal and economic benefits to many groups.Based on practical application examples of weather information provided by the Oklahoma Mesonet, this paper analyzes both benefits generated by Oklahoma Mesonet information to the public and decision-makers and ripple effects (spreading amplified outcomes/implications) of those benefits in the short and long term. The paper further details ongoing and anticipated Oklahoma Mesonet innovations as a response to changing needs for weather-related information over time, especially as a result of technological developments and weather variability.
Author Ziolkowska, Jadwiga R.; Christopher A. Fiebrich; J. D. Carlson; Andrea D. Melvin; Albert J. Sutherland; Kevin A. Kloesel; Gary D. McManus; Bradley G. Illston; James E. Hocker; Reuben Reyes
DOI 10.1175/wcas-d-16-0139.1
Issue 3
Journal Weather, Climate, and Society
Keywords Social Science,Mesoscale systems,Automatic weather stations,In situ atmospheric observations,Nowcasting
Pages 499-519
Title Benefits and beneficiaries of the Oklahoma Mesonet: A multisectoral ripple effect analysis
Volume 9
Year 2017
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