reference : Long-term changes in summer phytoplankton communities of the open northern Baltic Sea

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Abstract Changes in the biomass and species composition of phytoplankton may reflect major shifts in environmental conditions. We investigated relationships between the late summer biomass of different phytoplankton taxa and environmental factors, and their long-term (1979–2003) trends in two areas of the Baltic Sea, the northern Baltic proper (NBP) and the Gulf of Finland (GF), with statistical analyses. An increasing trend was found in late summer temperature and chlorophyll a of the surface water layer (0–10 m) in both areas. There was also a significant decrease in summer salinity and an increase in winter dissolved inorganic nitrogen to phosphorus (DIN:DIP) ratio in the NBP, as well as increases in winter DIN concentrations and DIN:SiO4 ratio in the GF. Simultaneously, the biomass of chrysophytes and chlorophytes increased in both areas. In the NBP, also the biomass of dinophytes increased and that of euglenophytes decreased, whereas in the GF, cyanobacteria increased and cryptophytes decreased. Redundancy analysis (RDA) indicated that summer temperature and winter DIN concentration were the most important factors with respect to changes in the phytoplankton community structure. Thus, the phytoplankton communities seem to reflect both hydrographic changes and the ongoing eutrophication process in the northern Baltic Sea.
Author Suikkanen, Sanna; Laamanen, Maria; Huttunen, Maija
DOI 10.1016/j.ecss.2006.09.004
ISSN 1096-0015
Issue 3-4
Journal Estuarine, Coastal and Shelf Science
Keywords phytoplankton; Baltic Sea; long-term changes; eutrophication; multivariate analysis
Pages 580-592
Title Long-term changes in summer phytoplankton communities of the open northern Baltic Sea
Volume 71
Year 2007
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