reference : Vulnerability of Hampton Roads, Virginia to storm-surge flooding and sea-level rise

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Abstract Sea-level rise will increase the area covered by hurricane storm surges in coastal zones. This research assesses how patterns of vulnerability to storm-surge flooding could change in Hampton Roads, Virginia as a result of sea-level rise. Physical exposure to storm-surge flooding is mapped for all categories of hurricane, both for present sea level and for future sea-level rise. The locations of vulnerable sub-populations are determined through an analysis and mapping of socioeconomic characteristics commonly associated with vulnerability to environmental hazards and are compared to the flood-risk exposure zones. Scenarios are also developed that address uncertainties regarding future population growth and distribution. The results show that hurricane storm surge presents a significant hazard to Hampton Roads today, especially to the most vulnerable inhabitants of the region. In addition, future sea-level rise, population growth, and poorly planned development will increase the risk of storm-surge flooding, especially for vulnerable people, thus suggesting that planning should steer development away from low-lying coastal and near-coastal zones.
Author Kleinosky, Lisa R. Yarnal, Brent Fisher, Ann
DOI 10.1007/s11069-006-0004-z
ISSN 0921-030X
Issue 1
Journal Natural Hazards
Language English
Name of Database Environmental Science and Pollution Management; GeoRef; PAIS
Notes 2009-02-01; English; 43-70; Civil Engineering (CE); 290415423; Kleinosky, Lisa R; Yarnal, Brent; Fisher, Ann; OB-OH-0001279767; 200705-30-175341 (CE); 10.1007/s11069-006-0004-z; 0921-030X; genre=article& sid=ProQ:& atitle=Vulnerability+of+Hampton+Roads%2C+Virginia+to+Storm-Surge+Flooding+and+Sea-Level+Rise& title=Natural+Hazards& issn=0921-030X& date=2007-01-01& volume=40& issue=1& spage=43& SS_docid=290415423& author=Kleinosky%2C+Lisa+R%3BYarnal%2C+Brent%3BFisher%2C+Ann;
Pages 43-70
Title Vulnerability of Hampton Roads, Virginia to storm-surge flooding and sea-level rise
Volume 40
Year 2007
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.publisher Springer-Verlag
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