reference : Restoration of the Mississippi Delta: Lessons from Hurricanes Katrina and Rita

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Abstract Hurricanes Katrina and Rita showed the vulnerability of coastal communities and how human activities that caused deterioration of the Mississippi Deltaic Plain (MDP) exacerbated this vulnerability. The MDP formed by dynamic interactions between river and coast at various temporal and spatial scales, and human activity has reduced these interactions at all scales. Restoration efforts aim to re-establish this dynamic interaction, with emphasis on reconnecting the river to the deltaic plain. Science must guide MDP restoration, which will provide insights into delta restoration elsewhere and generally into coasts facing climate change in times of resource scarcity.
Author Day, J. W., Jr.; Boesch, D. F.; Clairain, E. J.; Kemp, G. P.; Laska, S. B.; Mitsch, W. J.; Orth, K.; Mashriqui, H.; Reed, D. J.; Shabman, L.; Simenstad, C. A.; Streever, B. J.; Twilley, R. R.; Watson, C. C.; Wells, J. T.; Whigham, D. F.
Author Address Department of Oceanography and Coastal Sciences, Louisiana State University, Baton Rouge, LA 70803, USA.
DOI 10.1126/science.1137030
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Date Mar 23
EPub Date 2007/03/24
ISSN 1095-9203 (Electronic) 0036-8075 (Linking)
Issue 5819
Journal Science
Keywords Disasters; Ecosystem; Engineering; Environment; Geography; Geologic Sediments; Humans; Louisiana; Mississippi; Rivers; Soil; Wetlands
Language eng
Notes Day, John W Jr Boesch, Donald F Clairain, Ellis J Kemp, G Paul Laska, Shirley B Mitsch, William J Orth, Kenneth Mashriqui, Hassan Reed, Denise J Shabman, Leonard Simenstad, Charles A Streever, Bill J Twilley, Robert R Watson, Chester C Wells, John T Whigham, Dennis F Review United States Science. 2007 Mar 23;315(5819):1679-84.
Pages 1679-1684
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Title Restoration of the Mississippi Delta: Lessons from Hurricanes Katrina and Rita
Volume 315
Year 2007
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