reference : 21st-Century Evolution of Greenland Outlet Glacier Velocities

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Abstract Earlier observations on several of Greenland’s outlet glaciers, starting near the turn of the 21st century, indicated rapid (annual-scale) and large (>100%) increases in glacier velocity. Combining data from several satellites, we produce a decade-long (2000 to 2010) record documenting the ongoing velocity evolution of nearly all (200+) of Greenland’s major outlet glaciers, revealing complex spatial and temporal patterns. Changes on fast-flow marine-terminating glaciers contrast with steady velocities on ice-shelf–terminating glaciers and slow speeds on land-terminating glaciers. Regionally, glaciers in the northwest accelerated steadily, with more variability in the southeast and relatively steady flow elsewhere. Intraregional variability shows a complex response to regional and local forcing. Observed acceleration indicates that sea level rise from Greenland may fall well below proposed upper bounds.
Author Moon, T. Joughin, I. Smith, B. Howat, I.
DOI 10.1126/science.1219985
Date May 4, 2012
Issue 6081
Journal Science
Pages 576-578
Title 21st-Century Evolution of Greenland Outlet Glacier Velocities
Volume 336
Year 2012
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