reference : Meta-principles for developing smart, sustainable, and healthy cities

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Abstract Policy directives in several nations are focusing on the development of smart cities, linking innovations in the data sciences with the goal of advancing human well-being and sustainability on a highly urbanized planet. To achieve this goal, smart initiatives must move beyond city-level data to a higher-order understanding of cities as transboundary, multisectoral, multiscalar, social-ecological-infrastructural systems with diverse actors, priorities, and solutions. We identify five key dimensions of cities and present eight principles to focus attention on the systems-level decisions that society faces to transition toward a smart, sustainable, and healthy urban future.
Author Ramaswami, Anu; Russell, Armistead G.; Culligan, Patricia J.; Sharma, Karnamadakala Rahul; Kumar, Emani
DOI 10.1126/science.aaf7160
Issue 6288
Journal Science
Pages 940-943
Title Meta-principles for developing smart, sustainable, and healthy cities
Volume 352
Year 2016
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