reference : Great Lakes nearshore and coastal systems

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reftype Book Section
Author Mackey, Scudder
Book Title U.S. National Climate Assessment Midwest Technical Input Report
Editor Winkler, Julie Andresen, Jeff Hatfield, Jerry Bidwell, D. Brown, D.
Keywords Climate change; Star article
Pages 14
Publisher Great Lakes Integrated Sciences and Assessments (GLISA), National Laboratory for Agriculture and the Environment
Reviewer 45cdf25b-27f4-4153-9020-7b7bc5c25101
Title Great Lakes nearshore and coastal systems
Year 2012
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.date March 1, 2012
.reference_type 7
_chapter ["RG 3 Midwest","Ch. 18: Midwest FINAL"]
_record_number 1836
_uuid 45cdf25b-27f4-4153-9020-7b7bc5c25101