reference : Ch. 6: Future climate: Projected average

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Author Cayan, D Kunkel, K. Castro, C. Gershunov, A. Barsugli, J. Ray, A. Overpeck, J. Anderson, M. Russell, J. Rajagopalan, B. Rangwala, I. Duffy, P
Book Title Assessment of Climate Change in the Southwest United States: A Report Prepared for the National Climate Assessment
Editor Garfin, G. Jardine, A. Merideth, R. Black, Mary LeRoy, Sarah
ISBN 9781610914468
Pages 153-196
Place Published Washington, D.C.
Publisher Island Press
Reviewer 59cf5a07-b64b-418c-acc6-73b7ff4d7d7e
Title Ch. 6: Future climate: Projected average
Year 2013
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_chapter ["Ch. 20: Southwest FINAL","Ch. 3: Water Resources FINAL"]
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