reference : Disaster mythology and fact: Hurricane Katrina and social attachment

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Abstract Misconceptions about disasters and their social and health consequences remain prevalent despite considerable research evidence to the contrary. Eight such myths and their factual counterparts were reviewed in a classic report on the public health impact of disasters by Claude de Ville de Goyet entitled, The Role of WHO in Disaster Management: Relief, Rehabilitation, and Reconstruction (Geneva, World Health Organization, 1991), and two additional myths and facts were added by Pan American Health Organization. In this article, we reconsider these myths and facts in relation to Hurricane Katrina, with particular emphasis on psychosocial needs and behaviors, based on data gleaned from scientific sources as well as printed and electronic media reports. The review suggests that preparedness plans for disasters involving forced mass evacuation and resettlement should place a high priority on keeping families together--and even entire neighborhoods, where possible--so as to preserve the familiar and thereby minimize the adverse effects of separation and major dislocation on mental and physical health.
Author Jacob, B.; Mawson, A. R.; Payton, M.; Guignard, J. C.
Date Sep-Oct
ISSN 1468-2877
Issue 5
Journal Public Health Reports
Keywords Anxiety, Separation; Disaster Planning/*methods; *Disasters; Family/*psychology; Food Supply; Foreign Medical Graduates; Health Services Needs and Demand; Housing; Humans; International Cooperation; Louisiana; *Mythology; *Public Health; *Relief Work; *Residence Characteristics; *Social Alienation; Survival/psychology; Texas; Volunteers; Vulnerable Populations; Water Supply
Language eng
Notes Jacob, Binu Mawson, Anthony R Payton, Marinelle Guignard, John C 5P20-MD00534-02/MD/NIMHD NIH HHS/United States Journal Article Research Support, N.I.H., Extramural United States Public Health Rep. 2008 Sep-Oct;123(5):555-66.
PMC 2496928
Pages 555-566
Title Disaster mythology and fact: Hurricane Katrina and social attachment
Volume 123
Year 2008
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