reference : Coastal flooding by tropical cyclones and sea-level rise

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Abstract The future impacts of climate change on landfalling tropical cyclones are unclear. Regardless of this uncertainty, flooding by tropical cyclones will increase as a result of accelerated sea-level rise. Under similar rates of rapid sea-level rise during the early Holocene epoch most low-lying sedimentary coastlines were generally much less resilient to storm impacts. Society must learn to live with a rapidly evolving shoreline that is increasingly prone to flooding from tropical cyclones. These impacts can be mitigated partly with adaptive strategies, which include careful stewardship of sediments and reductions in human-induced land subsidence.
Author Woodruff, Jonathan D.; Irish, Jennifer L.; Camargo, Suzana J.
DOI 10.1038/nature12855
Date 12/05/print
ISSN 0028-0836
Issue 7478
Journal Nature
Pages 44-52
Title Coastal flooding by tropical cyclones and sea-level rise
Volume 504
Year 2013
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