reference : Seasonal speedup along the western flank of the Greenland Ice Sheet

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Abstract It has been widely hypothesized that a warmer climate in Greenland would increase the volume of lubricating surface meltwater reaching the ice-bedrock interface, accelerating ice flow and increasing mass loss. We have assembled a data set that provides a synoptic-scale view, spanning ice-sheet to outlet-glacier flow, with which to evaluate this hypothesis. On the ice sheet, these data reveal summer speedups (50 to 100%) consistent with, but somewhat larger than, earlier observations. The relative speedup of outlet glaciers, however, is far smaller (<15%). Furthermore, the dominant seasonal influence on Jakobshavn Isbrae's flow is the calving front's annual advance and retreat. With other effects producing outlet-glacier speedups an order of magnitude larger, seasonal melt's influence on ice flow is likely confined to those regions dominated by ice-sheet flow.%U
Author Joughin, Ian; Das, Sarah B.; King, Matt A.; Smith, Ben E.; Howat, Ian M.; Moon, Twila
DOI 10.1126/science.1153288
Issue 5877
Journal Science
Pages 781-783
Title Seasonal speedup along the western flank of the Greenland Ice Sheet
Volume 320
Year 2008
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