reference : Solar influences on climate

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reftype Journal Article
Author Gray, L. J.; Beer, J.; Geller, M.; Haigh, J. D.; Lockwood, M.; Matthes, K.; Cubasch, U.; Fleitmann, D.; Harrison, G.; Hood, L.; Luterbacher, J.; Meehl, G. A.; Shindell, D.; van Geel, B.; White, W.
DOI 10.1029/2009RG000282
Issue 4
Journal Reviews of Geophysics
Keywords solar; climate; variability; 1650 Solar variability; 1616 Climate variability; 2162 Solar cycle variations; 3305 Climate change and variability; 7538 Solar irradiance
Pages RG4001
Title Solar influences on climate
Volume 48
Year 2010
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