reference : Tribal communities

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Author Lynn, K. O. Grah P. Hardison J. Hoffman E. Knight A. Rogerson P. Tillmann C. Viles P. Williams
Book Title Climate Change in the Northwest: Implications for Our Landscapes, Waters, And Communities
Editor Philip Mote Dalton, Meghan M. Snover, Amy K.
ISBN 9781610914284
Pages 224
Place Published Washington, D.C.
Publisher Island Press
Reviewer 8a74a0e9-d256-4b4a-81e5-1a4455591e03
Title Tribal communities
Year 2013
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.reference_type 7
_chapter ["RG 6 Northwest","Ch. 21: Northwest FINAL"]
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_uuid 8a74a0e9-d256-4b4a-81e5-1a4455591e03