reference : Permafrost characteristics of Alaska

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Author Jorgenson, T. Yoshikawa, K. Kanevskiy, M. Shur, Y. Romanovsky, V. Marchenko, S. Grosse, G. Brown, J. Jones, B.
Book Title Extended Abstracts of the Ninth International Conference on Permafrost, June 29-July 3, 2008
Editor Kane, D.L.Hinkel, K.M.
Keywords forestry; permafrost
Pages 121-123
Place Published Fairbanks, AK
Publisher University of Alaska Fairbanks
Reviewer 99fa6ed1-4d1b-4d55-b46f-c7f31b851147
Title Permafrost characteristics of Alaska
Year 2008
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_chapter ["RG 7 Alaska","Ch. 22: Alaska FINAL"]
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_uuid 99fa6ed1-4d1b-4d55-b46f-c7f31b851147