reference : The future of Arctic sea ice

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reftype Journal Article
Access Date 2013/07/26
Author Maslowski, Wieslaw Clement Kinney, Jaclyn Higgins, Matthew Roberts, Andrew
DOI 10.1146/annurev-earth-042711-105345
Date 2012/05/30
ISSN 0084-6597
Issue 1
Journal Annual Review of Earth and Planetary Sciences
Pages 625-654
Title The future of Arctic sea ice
Volume 40
Year 2012
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.publisher Annual Reviews
.reference_type 0
_chapter ["RG 7 Alaska","Ch. 22: Alaska FINAL"]
_record_number 3813
_uuid 9d6e6cea-7b84-4ab3-8b27-b245b3800e4d