reference : Oceans and marine resources in a changing climate

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Author Howard, Jennifer Eleanora Babij Roger Griffis Brian Helmuth Amber Himes-Cornell Paul Niemier Michael Orbach Laura Petes Stewart Allen Guillermo Auad
Book Title Oceanography and Marine Biology: An Annual Review
Editor Hughes, R.N. Hughes, D.J. Smith, I.P.
ISBN 9781466568662
Pages 71-192
Publisher CRC Press
Reviewer a8c80335-18ea-447b-9197-4b15637f2dc1
Title Oceans and marine resources in a changing climate
Volume 51
Year 2013
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.reference_type 7
_chapter ["Ch. 25: Coastal Zone FINAL"]
_record_number 1217
_uuid a8c80335-18ea-447b-9197-4b15637f2dc1