reference : Pervasive drought legacies in forest ecosystems and their implications for carbon cycle models

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Abstract The response of forest ecosystems to drought is increasingly important in the context of a warming climate. Anderegg et al. studied a tree-ring database of 1338 forest sites from around the globe. They found that forests exhibit a drought “legacy effect” with 3 to 4 years' reduced growth following drought. During this postdrought delay, forests will be less able to act as a sink for carbon. Incorporating forest legacy effects into Earth system models will provide more accurate predictions of the effects of drought on the global carbon cycle.Science, this issue p. 528The impacts of climate extremes on terrestrial ecosystems are poorly understood but important for predicting carbon cycle feedbacks to climate change. Coupled climate–carbon cycle models typically assume that vegetation recovery from extreme drought is immediate and complete, which conflicts with the understanding of basic plant physiology. We examined the recovery of stem growth in trees after severe drought at 1338 forest sites across the globe, comprising 49,339 site-years, and compared the results with simulated recovery in climate-vegetation models. We found pervasive and substantial “legacy effects” of reduced growth and incomplete recovery for 1 to 4 years after severe drought. Legacy effects were most prevalent in dry ecosystems, among Pinaceae, and among species with low hydraulic safety margins. In contrast, limited or no legacy effects after drought were simulated by current climate-vegetation models. Our results highlight hysteresis in ecosystem-level carbon cycling and delayed recovery from climate extremes.%U
Author Anderegg, W. R. L.; Schwalm, C.; Biondi, F.; Camarero, J. J.; Koch, G.; Litvak, M.; Ogle, K.; Shaw, J. D.; Shevliakova, E.; Williams, A. P.; Wolf, A.; Ziaco, E.; Pacala, S.
DOI 10.1126/science.aab1833
Issue 6247
Journal Science
Pages 528-532
Title Pervasive drought legacies in forest ecosystems and their implications for carbon cycle models
Volume 349
Year 2015
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