reference : Climate-smart agriculture for food security

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reftype Journal Article
Author Lipper, Leslie; Thornton, Philip; Campbell, Bruce M.; Baedeker, Tobias; Braimoh, Ademola; Bwalya, Martin; Caron, Patrick; Cattaneo, Andrea; Garrity, Dennis; Henry, Kevin; Hottle, Ryan; Jackson, Louise; Jarvis, Andrew; Kossam, Fred; Mann, Wendy; McCarthy, Nancy; Meybeck, Alexandre; Neufeldt, Henry; Remington, Tom; Sen, Pham Thi; Sessa, Reuben; Shula, Reynolds; Tibu, Austin; Torquebiau, Emmanuel F.
DOI 10.1038/nclimate2437
Date 11/26/online
Journal Nature Climate Change
Pages 1068-1072
Publisher Nature Publishing Group, a division of Macmillan Publishers Limited. All Rights Reserved.
Title Climate-smart agriculture for food security
Type of Article Perspective
Volume 4
Year 2014
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_record_number 25550
_uuid ade0fd0f-df65-4c10-80f5-90495292f78e