reference : Climate change and migration in the Pacific: Options for Tuvalu and the Marshall Islands

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Abstract As climate change impacts, particularly rising sea levels, manifest there is a high probability that some island populations will be faced with the need to relocate. This article discusses several discourses around migration options for people affected by climate change impacts in small island developing states. Options currently available to citizens of the Pacific nations of Tuvalu and the Marshall Islands are explored, including the perspective that high levels of customary land tenure in the Pacific are a barrier to permanent movement to other Pacific countries. Migration to Pacific Rim countries such as Australia, New Zealand and the USA is complicated by strict migration eligibility criteria, which often require proof of language abilities and income, and may restrict the number of accompanying dependants. The Compact of Free Association provides visa-free entry to the USA for citizens of the Marshall Islands, but the lack of financial assistance restricts eligibility to those with existing financial resources or family networks that can provide access to capital. The difficulty of directly attributing single weather/climate events to climate change hinders the formulation of a definition of climate change-related migration. This obstacle in turn hinders the establishment of effective visa categories and migration routes for what is likely to become a growing number of people in coming decades.
Author Constable, Amy Louise
DOI 10.1007/s10113-016-1004-5
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Date 2017/04/01/
ISSN 1436-3798, 1436-378X
Issue 4
Journal Regional Environmental Change
Language en
Pages 1029-1038
Short Title Climate change and migration in the Pacific
Title Climate change and migration in the Pacific: Options for Tuvalu and the Marshall Islands
Volume 17
Year 2017
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