reference : The geological record of ocean acidification

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reftype Journal Article
Author Hönisch, Bärbel Andy Ridgwell Daniela N. Schmidt Ellen Thomas Samantha J. Gibbs Appy Sluijs Richard Zeebe Lee Kump Rowan C. Martindale Sarah E. Greene Wolfgang Kiessling Justin Ries James C. Zachos Dana L. Royer Stephen Barker Thomas M. Marchitto Jr. Ryan Moyer Carles Pelejero Patrizia Ziveri Gavin L. Foster Branwen Williams
DOI 10.1126/science.1208277
Issue 6072
Journal Science
Pages 1058-1063
Title The geological record of ocean acidification
Volume 335
Year 2012
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_chapter ["Ch. 2: Our Changing Climate FINAL"]
_record_number 3669
_uuid b499c04e-857d-4dda-bf65-831d03d8a921