reference : Observations of climate change among subsistence-oriented communities around the world

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Abstract The study of climate change has been based strongly on data collected from instruments, but how local people perceive such changes remains poorly quantified. We conducted a meta-analysis of climatic changes observed by subsistence-oriented communities. Our review of 10,660 observations from 2,230 localities in 137 countries shows that increases in temperature and changes in seasonality and rainfall patterns are widespread ([ap]70% of localities across 122 countries). Observations of increased temperature show patterns consistent with simulated trends in surface air temperature taken from the ensemble average of CMIP5 models, for the period 1955-2005. Secondary impacts of climatic changes on both wild and domesticated plants and animals are extensive and threaten the food security of subsistence-oriented communities. Collectively, our results suggest that climate change is having profound disruptive effects at local levels and that local observations can make an important contribution to understanding the pervasiveness of climate change on ecosystems and societies.
Author Savo, V.; Lepofsky, D.; Benner, J. P.; Kohfeld, K. E.; Bailey, J.; Lertzman, K.
DOI 10.1038/nclimate2958
Date 05//print
ISSN 1758-678X
Issue 5
Journal Nature Climate Change
Pages 462-473
Publisher Nature Publishing Group, a division of Macmillan Publishers Limited. All Rights Reserved.
Title Observations of climate change among subsistence-oriented communities around the world
Type of Article Review
Volume 6
Year 2016
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