reference : The impact of disasters on populations with health and health care disparities

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Abstract CONTEXT: A disaster is indiscriminate in whom it affects. Limited research has shown that the poor and medically underserved, especially in rural areas, bear an inequitable amount of the burden. OBJECTIVE: To review the literature on the combined effects of a disaster and living in an area with existing health or health care disparities on a community's health, access to health resources, and quality of life. METHODS: We performed a systematic literature review using the following search terms: disaster, health disparities, health care disparities, medically underserved, and rural. Our inclusion criteria were peer-reviewed, US studies that discussed the delayed or persistent health effects of disasters in medically underserved areas. RESULTS: There has been extensive research published on disasters, health disparities, health care disparities, and medically underserved populations individually, but not collectively. CONCLUSIONS: The current literature does not capture the strain of health and health care disparities before and after a disaster in medically underserved communities. Future disaster studies and policies should account for differences in health profiles and access to care before and after a disaster.
Author Davis, J. R.; Wilson, S.; Brock-Martin, A.; Glover, S.; Svendsen, E. R.
DOI 10.1017/S1935789300002391
Date Mar
ISSN 1938-744X
Issue 01
Journal Disaster Medicine and Public Health Preparedness
Keywords Community Health Services/organization & administration; *Disasters; Health Services Accessibility/organization & administration; *Health Status Disparities; *Healthcare Disparities; Humans; *Medically Underserved Area; Quality of Life; Rural Health Services/organization & administration; Rural Population; Socioeconomic Factors; United States
Pages 30-38
Title The impact of disasters on populations with health and health care disparities
Volume 4
Year 2010
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