reference : Is the climate warming or cooling?

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Abstract Numerous websites, blogs and articles in the media have claimed that the climate is no longer warming, and is now cooling. Here we show that periods of no trend or even cooling of the globally averaged surface air temperature are found in the last 34 years of the observed record, and in climate model simulations of the 20th and 21st century forced with increasing greenhouse gases. We show that the climate over the 21st century can and likely will produce periods of a decade or two where the globally averaged surface air temperature shows no trend or even slight cooling in the presence of longerÔÇÉterm warming.
Accession Number 33
Author Easterling, D.R. M.F. Wehner
DOI 10.1029/2009GL037810
ISSN 0094-8276
Issue 8
Journal Geophysical Research Letters
Keywords global warming; climate change; 3305 Atmospheric Processes: Climate change and variability; 3337 Atmospheric Processes: Global climate models; 1620 Global Change: Climate dynamics; 1610 Global Change: Atmosphere
Pages L08706
Title Is the climate warming or cooling?
Volume 36
Year 2009
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_chapter ["Ch. 2: Our Changing Climate FINAL"]
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