reference : Climate change and forest disturbances

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reftype Journal Article
Author Dale, Virginia H. Joyce, Linda A. McNulty, Steve Neilson, Ronald P. Ayres, Matthew P. Flannigan, Michael D. Hanson, Paul J. Irland, Lloyd C. Lugo, Ariel E. Peterson, Chris J. Simberloff, Daniel Swanson, Frederick J. Stocks, Brian J. Wotton, B.M.
DOI 10.1641/0006-3568(2001)051[0723:ccafd];2
Date 2001/09/01
ISSN 0006-3568
Issue 9
Journal BioScience
Pages 723-734
Title Climate change and forest disturbances
Volume 51
Year 2001
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.publisher American Institute of Biological Sciences
.reference_type 0
_chapter ["Ch. 7: Forests FINAL"]
_record_number 279
_uuid c3002370-0cf9-4544-a128-fbc42f3ab137