reference : Off-host physiological ecology of ixodid ticks

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reftype Journal Article
Author Needham, G. R.; Teel, P. D.
DOI 10.1146/annurev.en.36.010191.003303
ISSN 1545-4487
Issue 1
Journal Annual Review of Entomology
Keywords water-balance physiology; tick survival; water-vapor sorption; ixodidae; zoogeographic interpretations; lone star tick; amblyomma-americanum acari; integumentary water-loss; rhipicephalus-appendiculatus acarina; computer-simulation; periplaneta-americana; haemaphysalis-leporispalustris; critical-temperature; population-dynamics; seasonal activity
Language English
Notes Eq807 Times Cited:127 Cited References Count:104
Pages 659-681
Title Off-host physiological ecology of ixodid ticks
Volume 36
Year 1991
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_record_number 17746
_uuid d5685ee3-59a8-49b2-9f55-2fddb8078ed8