reference : Climate change and vector-borne diseases

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reftype Book Section
Author Rogers, D. J. Randolph, S. E.
Book Title Advances in Parasitology
DOI 10.1016/S0065-308X(05)62010-6
Editor Hay, Simon I. Graham, Alastair Rogers, David J.
ISBN 0065-308X
Pages 345-381
Publisher Academic Press
Reviewer e75fd6b1-ad29-4586-bc85-f6d8bc08941b
Title Climate change and vector-borne diseases
Volume 62
Year 2006
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.reference_type 7
_chapter ["Ch. 9: Human Health FINAL","Overview"]
_record_number 4576
_uuid e75fd6b1-ad29-4586-bc85-f6d8bc08941b