reference : Geographic variability of sea-level change

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Abstract Local sea-level changes differ significantly from global-mean sea-level change as a result of (1) non-climatic, geological background processes; (2) atmosphere/ocean dy- namics; and (3) the gravitational, elastic, and rotational “fin- gerprint” effects of ice and ocean mass redistribution. Though the research communities working on these different effects each have a long history, the integration of all these different processes into interpretations of past changes and projections of future change is an active area of research. Fully character- izing the past contributions of these processes requires information from sources covering a range of timescales, including geological proxies, tide-gauge observations from the last ~3 centuries, and satellite-altimetry data from the last ~2 decades. Local sea-level rise projections must account for the different spatial patterns of different processes, as well as potential correlations between different drivers.
Author Kopp, Robert E.; Hay, Carling C.; Little, Christopher M.; Mitrovica, Jerry X.
DOI 10.7282/T37W6F4P
Issue 3
Journal Current Climate Change Reports
Keywords Sea level; Ocean modeling; Glacial isostasy; Sea-level fingerprints; Tide gauges; Satellite altimetry
Language English
Pages 192-204
Title Geographic variability of sea-level change
Volume 1
Year 2015
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