reference : Trends and extremes in Northern Hemisphere snow characteristics

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Abstract Recent studies of snow climatology show a mix of trends but a preponderance of evidence suggest an overall tendency toward decreases in several metrics of snow extremes. The analysis performed herein on maximum seasonal snow depth points to a robust negative trend in this variable for the period of winter 1960/1961–winter 2014/2015. This conclusion is applicable to North America. Maximum snow depth is also mostly decreasing for those European stations analyzed. Research studies show generally negative trends in snow cover extent and snow water equivalent across both North America and Eurasia. These results are mostly, but not fully, consistent with simple hypotheses for the effects of global warming on snow characteristics.
Author Kunkel, Kenneth E.; Robinson, David A.; Champion, Sarah; Yin, Xungang; Estilow, Thomas; Frankson, Rebekah M.
DOI 10.1007/s40641-016-0036-8
ISSN 2198-6061
Issue 2
Journal Current Climate Change Reports
Pages 65-73
Title Trends and extremes in Northern Hemisphere snow characteristics
Volume 2
Year 2016
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