reference : Reforestation can sequester two petagrams of carbon in US topsoils in a century

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Abstract Forestland in the United States is a carbon (C) sink, offsetting ∼10% of annual greenhouse gas emissions and mitigating climate change. Most of the C in forests is held in soils, and the capacity of forest soils to sequester C makes them a major component of the US forest C sink. Where reforestation is presently occurring, either through deliberate replanting after forestland is disturbed (e.g., burned), or where previously nonforested lands (e.g., cultivated) are converting to forestland, topsoils are accumulating C. However, these C accumulation rates are poorly constrained; quantifying them with empirical data are critical to accurately represent the role of reforestation in the US C budget and forecast the longevity of the US forest C sink.Soils are Earth’s largest terrestrial carbon (C) pool, and their responsiveness to land use and management make them appealing targets for strategies to enhance C sequestration. Numerous studies have identified practices that increase soil C, but their inferences are often based on limited data extrapolated over large areas. Here, we combine 15,000 observations from two national-level databases with remote sensing information to address the impacts of reforestation on the sequestration of C in topsoils (uppermost mineral soil horizons). We quantify C stocks in cultivated, reforesting, and natural forest topsoils; rates of C accumulation in reforesting topsoils; and their contribution to the US forest C sink. Our results indicate that reforestation increases topsoil C storage, and that reforesting lands, currently occupying >500,000 km2 in the United States, will sequester a cumulative 1.3–2.1 Pg C within a century (13–21 Tg C·y−1). Annually, these C gains constitute 10% of the US forest sector C sink and offset 1% of all US greenhouse gas emissions.
Author Nave, Lucas E.; Domke, Grant M.; Hofmeister, Kathryn L.; Mishra, Umakant; Perry, Charles H.; Walters, Brian F.; Swanston, Christopher W.
DOI 10.1073/pnas.1719685115
Issue 11
Journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America
Pages 2776-2781
Title Reforestation can sequester two petagrams of carbon in US topsoils in a century
Volume 115
Year 2018
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