reference : Preparing for climate change in Washington State

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Abstract Climate change is expected to bring potentially significant changes to Washington State’s natural, institutional, cultural, and economic landscape. Addressing climate change impacts will require a sustained commitment to integrating climate information into the day-to-day governance and management of infrastructure, programs, and services that may be affected by climate change. This paper discusses fundamental concepts for planning for climate change and identifies options for adapting to the climate impacts evaluated in the Washington Climate Change Impacts Assessment. Additionally, the paper highlights potential avenues for increasing flexibility in the policies and regulations used to govern human and natural systems in Washington.
Author Binder, L.C.W. Barcelos, J.K. Booth, D.B. Darzen, Meriel Elsner, M.M. Fenske, Richard Graham, T.F. Hamlet, A.F. Hodges-Howell, John Jackson, J.E. Karr, Catherine Keys, P.W. Littell, J.S. Mantua, N. Marlow, Jennifer McKenzie, Don Robinson-Dorn, Michael Rosenberg, E.A. Stöckle, C.O. Vano, J.A.
DOI 10.1007/s10584-010-9850-5
Issue 1-2
Journal Climatic Change
Keywords climate change; impacts; adaptation; preparedness; policy; Washington State
Pages 351-376
Title Preparing for climate change in Washington State
Volume 102
Year 2010
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