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reftype Personal Communication
Author Devens, T.
Date 29 May, 2012
Notes T. Devens, at NCDOT, project manager for the US 64 project said reference should be a personal communication with him. He clarified that after an extensive literature review they decided to allow an additional 18 inches for SLR, on top of the elevation recommendation from their standard hydrological expert analysis. So the project elevation recommendation of 4ft =18 inches for SLR + current hydrological elevation analysis. They do not have the 18 inches or 4ft numbers in any type of official document but do state the need to include SLR in their (NCDOT) planning process in Chapter 2 of their “ US 64 Improvements Project: Draft Environmental Impact Statement” document dated 12/14/2011.
Recipient Hernández Hammer, N.
Title Phone Interview
Year 2012
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_chapter ["RG 2 Southeast","Ch. 17: Southeast and Caribbean FINAL"]
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