Figure : land-atmosphere-coupling-strength

Land-Atmosphere Coupling Strength

Figure 18

This figure appears in the Our Changing Planet: The U.S. Climate Change Science Program for Fiscal Year 2006 report.

"Hot spots” where soil moisture changes can affect rainfall. The red areas are “hot spots” where soil moisture changes can affect rainfall, according to a multi-model study. The bars in the insets show the individual results for 12 climate models, averaged over the indicated regions. According to the insets, the models clearly do not show perfect agreement in the “strength” of the hot spots. Still, many independent models place the hot spots in the same place. The results pertain to Northern Hemisphere summer months June, July, and August. Red areas show the strongest connection between soil moisture and rainfall. The units for the insets are the same as those for the color bar. Credit: The GLACE Team (Koster et al., 2004).

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