Figure : linear-trends-palmer-drought-severity-index-1948-2002

Linear Trends in the Palmer Drought Serverity Index (PDSI) from 1948 to 2002

Figure 27

National Center for Atmospheric Research
Aiguo Dai, Kevin E. Trenberth, Taotao Qian

This figure appears in the Our Changing Planet: The U.S. Climate Change Science Program for Fiscal Year 2007 report.

These data products show drying (reds and pinks) across much of Canada, Europe, Asia, and Africa and moistening (green) across the United States, Argentina, Scandinavia, and western Australia. Credit: A. Dai, K.E. Trenberth, and T. Qian, National Center for Atmospheric Research (reproduced from Journal of Hydrometeorology with permission from the American Meteorological Society).

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