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Change in Annual Sea Ice Extent

Figure 11.1

NASA Langley Research Center
Patrick C. Taylor

This figure appears in chapter 11 of the Climate Science Special Report: The Fourth National Climate Assessment: Volume I report.

September sea ice extent and age shown for (a) 1984 and (b) 2016, illustrating significant reductions in sea ice extent and age (thickness). Bar graph in the lower right of each panel illustrates the sea ice area (unit: million km2) covered within each age category (>1 year), and the green bars represent the maximum value for each age range during the record. The year 1984 is representative of September sea ice characteristics during the 1980s. The years 1984 and 2016 are selected as endpoints in the time series; a movie of the complete time series is available at (c) Shows the satellite-era arctic sea ice areal extent trend from 1979 to 2016 for September (unit: million mi2). [Figure source: Panels (a),(b): NASA Science Visualization Studio; data: Tschudi et al. 2016;7df9c196-d718-4c27-a00f-a146a322ae93 Panel (c) data: Fetterer et al. 2016a6a7c7f0-d509-4458-a4ae-3d85f222da64 ].

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