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Winter Surface Air Temperature and Precipitation

Figure 5.4

National Center for Atmospheric Research
Clara Deser

This figure appears in chapter 5 of the Climate Science Special Report: The Fourth National Climate Assessment: Volume I report.

(left) Total 2010–2060 winter trends decomposed into (center) internal and (right) forced components for two contrasting CCSM3 ensemble members (runs 29 and 6) for (a) surface air temperature [color shading; °F/(51 years)] and sea level pressure (SLP; contours) and (b) precipitation [color shading; inches per day/(51 years)] and SLP (contours). SLP contour interval is 1 hPa/(51 years), with solid (dashed) contours for positive (negative) values; the zero contour is thickened. The same climate model (CCSM3) simulates a large range of possible trends in North American climate over the 2010–2060 period because of the influence of internal climate variability superposed upon forced climate trends. (Figure source: adapted from Deser et al. 2014;f4ea5568-b3de-47ae-b725-8f7b45960040 © American Meteorological Society, used with permission).

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