Figure : global-surface-temperature-anomalies

Estimates of Forcings Contributions to Temperature Change

Figure 3.3

National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, University of Maryland, College Park
Thomas R. Knutson, Ross J. Salawitch

This figure appears in chapter 3 of the Climate Science Special Report: The Fourth National Climate Assessment: Volume I report.

Estimates of the contributions of several forcing factors and internal variability to global mean temperature change since 1870, based on an empirical approach using multiple linear regression and energy balance models. The top panel shows global temperature anomalies (°F) from the observations62 in black with the multiple linear regression result in red (1901–1960 base period). The lower four panels show the estimated contribution to global mean temperature anomalies from four factors: solar variability; volcanic eruptions; internal variability related to El Niño/Southern Oscillation; and anthropogenic forcing. The anthropogenic contribution includes a warming component from greenhouse gases concentrations and a cooling component from anthropogenic aerosols. (Figure source: adapted from Canty et al.d809f9d4-37d8-4d2d-a769-177883545997)

Free to use with credit to the original figure source.

The time range for this figure is January 01, 1870 (00:00 AM) to January 01, 2015 (00:00 AM).

This figure was created on April 17, 2015.

This figure was submitted on September 29, 2017.

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