Figure : atmospheric-rivers

Atmospheric Rivers

Figure 9.4

NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory
Duane E. Waliser

This figure appears in chapter 9 of the Climate Science Special Report: The Fourth National Climate Assessment: Volume I report.

(upper left) Atmospheric rivers depicted in Special Sensor Microwave Imager (SSM/I) measurements of SSM/I total column water vapor leading to extreme precipitation events at landfall locations. (middle left) Annual mean frequency of atmospheric river occurrence (for example, 12% means about 1 every 8 days) and their integrated vapor transport (IVT).9316d2ce-922f-4ce9-82b3-8904f8184a16 (bottom) ARs are the dominant synoptic storms for the U.S. West Coast in terms of extreme precipitation5b3eccbc-3b18-4764-b77d-ba2bb27fd51d and (right) supply a large fraction of the annual precipitation in the U.S. West Coast states.04add85e-594b-4d92-83a6-fdce66b73aa4 [Figure source: (upper and middle left) Ralph et al. 2011,f44f708a-b0f0-41ce-a6e6-14c0219d53cb (upper right) Guan and Waliser 2015,9316d2ce-922f-4ce9-82b3-8904f8184a16 (lower left) Ralph and Dettinger 2012,5b3eccbc-3b18-4764-b77d-ba2bb27fd51d (lower right) Dettinger et al. 2011;04add85e-594b-4d92-83a6-fdce66b73aa4 left panels, © American Meteorological Society. Used with permission.]

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