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Changes in Length of Growing Season

Figure 10.4

Cooperative Institute for Climate and Satellites - NC, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration National Centers for Environmental Information NCEI
Kenneth E. Kunkel

This figure appears in chapter 10 of the Climate Science Special Report: The Fourth National Climate Assessment: Volume I report.

The length of the growing season in the contiguous 48 states compared with a long-term average (1895–2015), where “growing season” is defined by a daily minimum temperature threshold of 41°F. For each year, the line represents the number of days shorter or longer than the long-term average. The line was smoothed using an 11-year moving average. Choosing a different long-term average for comparison would not change the shape of the data over time. (Figure source: Kunkel 20162c3a763f-877a-4898-a6a1-ffd4ec33d9c3 ).

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