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Hiatus Box

Figure 1.5

Remote Sensing Systems
Carl Mears

This figure appears in chapter 1 of the Climate Science Special Report: The Fourth National Climate Assessment: Volume I report.

Panel A shows the annual mean temperature anomalies relative to a 1901–1960 baseline for global mean surface temperature and global mean tropospheric temperature. Short-term variability is superposed on a long-term warming signal, particularly since the 1960s. Panel B shows the linear trend of short (12-year) and longer (25-year) overlapping periods plotted at the time of the center of the trend period. For the longer period, trends are positive and nearly constant since about 1975. Panel C shows the annual mean Pacific Decadal Oscillation (PDO) index. Short-term temperature trends show a marked tendency to be lower during periods of generally negative PDO index, shown by the blue shading. (Figure source: adapted and updated from Trenberth 2015ecda3d30-c9a4-4d78-af38-209b2d5530ae and Santer et al. 2017;2795efc8-a843-43e3-b81b-1d0bff06a6ea Panel B, © American Meteorological Society. Used with permission.)

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